Meet Matt Riley: CMO of Parcy

Matt Riley CMO

At early-stage tech companies, every team member can have a major impact on the culture and performance of the company as it grows. Today we’re excited to highlight the background and experience of Matt Riley, Parcy’s new Chief Marketing Officer.

Getting Started in Tech Sales

After an early career in public accounting at Ernst & Young, Matt enrolled in the MBA program at UC Irvine, where he got his first introduction to technology and marketing. As a summer intern at Veritas Software, he learned about servers, storage environments, and data centers. After graduation, he took a position with Cisco as an Account Manager. 

“My training at Cisco was very robust. It felt like another college degree,” he explains. “I had some preconceived ideas about sales professionals, and Cisco challenged all of that. The culture put a lot of emphasis on honesty and trust with our customers. I wasn’t afraid to suggest competitive products to my customers if the situation called for it. Some of those relationships turned into lifelong friendships.”

Building a Network

Customers weren’t the only people Matt was building relationships with. He created an early habit of staying in touch with people on a regular basis, forging strong personal bonds over time.  One of those friendships would turn out to change the course of his career.

“I got a call one day from a friend from Cisco who had just finished his MBA, and he was moving to Utah for a software startup. This sounded super exciting to me, and within a few months I joined PrinterLogic (now Vasion) to help build out the sales team.”

Being Wrong to Be Right

Working at a startup turned out to be quite different from working at a global tech company with hundreds of thousands of employees. For some people, the startup scene can be disorienting and frustrating. For Matt, it was exactly the creative freedom he was seeking. 

“We are wired in unique ways, and some people are great at operating a system with high efficiency. Others are great at sifting asymmetric data and dealing with loads of ambiguity. I like the asymmetric stage of a company’s lifecycle. You learn quickly to be good at being wrong, on your path to being right.” 

For eight years Matt helped the executive team grow the company to almost 200 employees with customers and employees all over the world. With that expansion came opportunities to build a sales team, a channels team, oversee international operations, and run corporate marketing. 

All of these experiences would come to shape Matt’s future at Parcy. 

Back to Startupland

When Parcy approached Matt about joining the team in late 2020, it felt like deja vu in all the right ways. Jumping back onto a growing team with a strong solution and inspiring leadership was a no-brainer.

“Good culture is non-negotiable. The first time I met Luca & Diego, I immediately could tell they were honest, creative, and hard-working people. And I loved the platform they had built. I wanted to buy it myself! That was about all it took for me to know this was the right place for my next adventure.”

New Gig at Parcy 

As Chief Marketing Officer, Matt oversees all sales and marketing activities for the company, including managing the brand identity & messaging, running business development & lead generation activities, and using market feedback to help shape the roadmap. 

“As someone who has planned, managed, and attended hundreds of events, I feel connected to this audience. I love events! And I feel the pain of those who are working so hard right now to make virtual and hybrid events feel special. We want to help. Let’s make your events spectacular.”

Today, Matt continues to define his role at Parcy. He’s also keeping a close eye on what events may look like in the future. Virtual events are here to stay, Matt points out, and live events will have to evolve to include elegant solutions for interaction with virtual attendees. But how will hybrid solutions impact the physical scale of future in-person events? How can solution providers continue to make virtual events feel exciting? How can platforms facilitate user networking? As Matt asks these questions, he also focuses on how Parcy can best meet those needs. 

In the midst of all of these uncertainties, though, one thing is certain: Matt is helping Parcy become the best product that it can be. 

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