Make your next event
personalized. beautiful. engaging. stunning. customized.

Deliver a customized virtual, hybrid, and in-person event personalized for each attendee. Include registration and live streaming pages, breakout rooms, and personalized event communications during your event.

Treat your attendees like VIPs with personalized event content.

With advanced customization options, you can personalize event pages, emails, and live streaming pages to give your attendees a personalized touch.

Streaming Tools

Plan virtual and hybrid events that
your audience will love.

Embed your livestream into a space customized down to the last pixel.
Parcy gives you the freedom to leverage our Parcy Live streaming tool or embed your favorite streaming service into a personalized event page that you can customize with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface.
You can make the event page public or restrict access only to registered users who plan to attend.
Use Breakout Rooms for realtime collaboration.

Create private rooms with as many as 100 participants to run your group activities smoothly. Conduct group meetings like networking sessions, breakout groups, topic rooms, and more.

With group sessions, you can use advanced tools such as Miro and Youtube to interact with your attendees personally, ultimately making the sessions more interactive and engaging.


Empower your audience to contribute to the experience.

Help your attendees become active participants in your events with interactive features such as Q&A.

Access Control

Keep track of every check-in.

With advanced access control features, only you can decide who can attend your event. Set up access permissions and receive real-time reports on participants to keep track of every check-in.

Personalize your event experience

Use merge tags to personalize emails and event pages for every single attendee

Parcy allows you to create impressive, customized event pages based on your attendees information. Use Parcy to:

Attendee Management

Track every detail of the attendee experience.

Use our interactive lists to assign a status to every attendee that changes in real-time based on the attendee’s actions. Capture more accurate and detailed information with customized forms to send targeted communications to attendees.

Event Planning

Plan all your events in one place.

You can collaborate with your team by assigning tasks and keeping track of every detail of your events in a single, easy-to-use platform.

Whatever kind of event you have in mind, Parcy can help you organize it!


Easily connect your attendees with speakers by setting up Q&A sessions to give your audience members every opportunity to engage.

Team Meetings

Stream your team meetings to virtual workers and help keep remote employees connected and happy.

Product Launches

Create spectacular product launch events and give your audience a role to play with live polling and Q&A sessions.


Create customized webinar pages, collect subscriber information with forms, and stream your webinar in minutes.

Demo Days

Create a space for every company with downloadable files and information. Stream the main event in a dedicated event page and manage invitations and check-ins.


Run virtual workshops with ease. Schedule your streaming lessons and lectures, create groups, and upload and share files with participants.

Educational Events

Parcy is the easiest way to run educational events entirely online. Create a customized event page, complete with a live broadcast and separate group rooms with 1-to-1 rooms and interactive tools for students.

Hybrid events

Seamlessly combine In-person and virtual experiences by using Parcy to plan each iteration every step of the way.

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