What’s Parcy?

Parcy is a unique software application specifically designed to help event planners organize hybrid events personalized for every single attendee. In today’s world, things have changed, and the events industry has evolved. With virtual spaces, people may feel just like a number.
Thanks to a new innovative approach, Parcy personalizes communication with attendees, making them feel good and improving the overall experience of an online event.

An Intelligent solution
designed for hybrid events.

Why is it that virtual events simply never live up to the hype that an in-person event can offer?
The reality is that virtual events aren’t as effective as in-person events because Event Management Platforms and Video Conferencing Platforms are not designed for virtual events.
That’s why we’ve decided to build Parcy, a revolutionary platform designed for event planners. Parcy allows users to create and manage virtual events instantly with all the advanced features typically used by in-person events with hundreds of thousands of dollars budgets.
Parcy connects team, speakers, and contractors on a deeper level than ever, making event management easier and more pleasant. Parcy is reshaping the events industry creating new roles such as Virtual Event Managers, who are event professionals with years of experience that our clients can hire on Parcy within minutes.

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Take your hybrid events
to the next level.


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